Londoners, it’s time to sign up!

Tickets must be purchased via the myCrew app.

If you don’t have myCrew yet, you’ll need to download it. It’s a free app that connects people to fitness events near them. Just search ‘myCrew’ in the app store or follow the link below and in a couple of clicks you’ll be ready to run!

Tickets cost £24 and include access to all the runs over the 24hour, an event t-shirt and after-party entry.

And, 100% of ticket sales go to environmental causes with 1% For The Planet.

You don’t need to decide which run (or runs!) you want to do just yet. Today, just commit to taking part, and you’ll be able to decide which runs and times appeal to you most nearer the day!

Check out this step-by-step guide to signing up with myCrew if you’re having any issues.